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What is the Knowledge Navigator?

Empower your strategies with data & AI

The Knowledge Navigator gives analytics picked up from Million’s of URLS using industry leading online & social listening techniques that can be filtered to niche demographics to suit any campaign. The Knowledge Navigator will hold your hand tracking your brand, how your mentioned and what you should say and to whom so you can safely profit from this generations largest cultural change.

Big Data

Big Data on Influencers, Brands, Emotions and more

Be The First with Ideas

With  on-demand insights on any topic you can filter to your demo

Data From Everywhere

 Access unachievable
amounts of unique data that includes all major outlets & social channels

Click Into Emotions

Find out emotions and events that are driving people to use products thanks to sate of the art AI 

Want to tap into the unseen world?

Lets be in control of your journey 

FInding Data or Finding a data Partner?

Finding good data is hard and expensive, so is finding good people. Luckily we have two ways to get what you need. You can either just cane access to the Knowledge Navigator and a monitor for your brand or you can become a knowledge partner. Gaining not just access to our data but a team of data expert who will work to find what you need when you need it. Delivering recommended insights to you daily so you are always ahead of the game.

Knowledge Partner

  • Access to the Knowledge Navigator
  • A dedicated account specialist
  • Dashboards Created For Your Data & Brand Needs
  • Dedicated Data Gathering For Your Needs
  • AI Alerts Systems
  • Custom Querying of the data server
  • Daily Insights by experienced business & data analysts

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unlike most tools where there is a learning curve and data collection period that takes months or even years to gain useful insights. With Knowledge Navigator you have instant access to actionable real-time insights straight away.

The Knowledge Navigator is constantly updating its database, 24 hours a day 7 days a week our bots, web crawlers, and AI are scanning for new content and changes in sentiment. Some dashboard data can update ever hour in our premium dynamic real-time system.

We bring the chatter to you with our advanced social listening, you will never miss a conversation again! The Knowledge Navigator Social Listening feature monitors what’s being said on tens of thousands of social media accounts. When a relevant conversation topic is detected your dashboard will alert you to it. Simply click “Follow Conversation” to gain unique insights to what’s being said.

Yes, and so much more! Knowledge Navigator gives you the deepest dive, most advanced look into social media analytics! Understand not just what is being said, but by whom, and their world.

Knowledge Navigator has a network of thousands of websites, social media pages, and applications that provides our tools the highest resolution accuracy in the world! Think Google Analytics, on steroids traveling at the speed of light! With our easy to navigate, intuitive, user friendly interface all other dashboards will be dead to you!

Our tool thrives in the field of micro trend analysis! Knowledge Navigator can see the slightest movements before they become publicly known, get into the market with a new products or services before the fad explodes and dominate the market.

With our Business Intelligence Hub your company will be guided through the highest level of resolution insights available in the world in an easy to understand way that gives you actionable results to grow your market share.

Yes, on every level. Our team at Knowledge Navigator have advanced degrees in Machine Learning, Business Management, Writing, Psychology, not to mention the room full of application developers. We provide tech, as well as advanced custom dashboard design support.

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